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We help connect patients with the healthcare they need

Every day, thousands of people search for the right person to provide the healthcare they need. The Clinic Finder can help you find the right clinic, either just around the corner and right across the globe.

We help connect patients with the healthcare they need

Connecting you with healthcare

The Clinic Finder is the free, fast and easy way to find healthcare professionals that can offer the care or service you need. You can search by:

We'll show you all clinics that might be able to help you and then you can contact as many as you please.

Around the corner and across the globe

You might be looking for a local dentist or doctor, or you might be looking for a specialist further afield. You might even consider travelling to another country for specialist care if it is better, cheaper or quicker.

All you have to do is search, then choose the clinics you're interested in. You can get in touch by mail, phone or through their website. Then it's up to you to discuss your requirements with them and make an appointment if necessary.

Search now

Are you a clinic owner or practitioner?

You can list your practice on The Clinic Finder in two minutes flat.

Choose how you'd like your clinic to appear, tell us which professions you offer and that's it. You'll be appearing in local, national and international search results right away.

Our Enhanced Listing is especially effective as it provides potential patients with all the information they need about you, your practice and your service.

Take a look at your options and get started now.