We're sorry - but we're closing down

Over the past five years we've served up millions of searches every month. That takes a lot of back end grunt to keep running; it's expensive. Technology standards move so fast that the code base needs some love and attention too. That's even more expensive. The site needs to become more monetised so it can service the growth. We've never spent a penny on marketing, advertising or SEO, yet we're still seeing traffic growth. New clinics are still signing up so the demand on resources will grow, not shrink.

As a team, we've taken a long hard look at what it would take to keep The Clinic Finder doing what it does best and to take it forwards. The sad conclusion we have reached is that we simply don't have the time or resources to do it properly. The tough decision we've reached is that we must close the business down.

What does this mean for my clinic listing?

It means that your clinic will no longer be listed and it will drop out of the search engine rankings.

What about my paid subscription?

If you have a current paid subscription we've already contacted you to let you know what we're doing and given you a pro-rata refund for the balance of your subscription. We think that's the fairest thing to do.

Are we open to offers?

Absolutely! We've considered funding arrangements in the past and none of the options that were presented worked well enough. But it'd be a shame to let all of this hard work, energy and potential go to waste. The business is still growing. We've only scratched the surface and we'd love to save The Clinic Finder. So yes - absolutely - we'd listen to suggestions of partnerships or investment. If that interests you, please get in touch with me: jeremyburns@theclinicfinder.com

Until then, we're signing off. I'd like to personally thank each and every one of the clinics who signed up and every one of the millions of people who used us. It's been a blast!

Thank you.

Jeremy Burns
8th July 2015